The Saturated Life with Christopher Ulrich

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Is the Ghost inside your meat machine looking for something to soothe it's metaphysical needs today? Then try to fill that void with this episode of The Saturated Life with Christopher Ulrich. We discussed his process of creating the three part Christ Chronocrater Series and what it's like for Christopher to be a unique alien on this strange planet we call earth. I recommend looking at The Christ Chronocrater Series in order from the Demoneater series, to the Illuminator series, and then the finale of the Chronocrater series. You will be able to see his personal journey through the tangled obstacles that one encounters on their journey to self awareness. These can all be seen on his website christopherulrich.com.

The Making of the Stone:A spiritual Journey

SUNDAY 12.15.2012 at 7:00 PM

4633 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

A gathering of mystics and initiates of all schools to behold and discuss the magickal process as the scattered collective consciousness and universal mythos is re-united through the works of painter, artist, and alchemist Christopher Ulrich. This is an in-depth look at the inner-mysteries as the artist walks us through each of the 12 pieces representing the zodiac and beginning with Aries: calcification, the crucifixion and culminating in the re-imagined cosmic Last Supper. This is an opportunity for initiates and magicians to have an in-depth discussion on the inner mysteries rather than what is just obvious on the surface. Psychics, seers, mediums, shamans, astrologers, yogis, and all schools are welcome to attend and join in this very magickal gathering.
Ritual attire is welcome.

La Luz de Jesus

Christopher Ulrich explains THE RECKONING (Christ Chronocrator Series III), December 2012


Christopher Ulrich and Myron Conan Dyal discuss Ulrich's latest series of allegorical master paintings, "THE RECKONING: Christ Chronocrator III" at La Luz de Jesus Gallery on Sunday, December 9, 2012. The twelve oversize oil-on-wood paintings were created around the Zodiac and the centerpiece of the exhibition is a sixteen feet wide by eight feet high alchemical interpretation of The Last Supper. The exhibition remains on view from December 7-30, 2012. Mark Ryden called the work, "Incredible and Impressive!" The original lecture was two and a half hours. This is an eighteen minute highlight reel directed by Randy Wall.

The LA Beat

Christopher Ulrich: The Reckoning at La Luz de Jesus Gallery


Upon A Midnight Dreary

Christopher Ulrich’s The Reckoning



Myron Conan Dyal and Christopher Ulrich: Alchemy, Love, and “The Reckoning”


Sunday night mystic sculptor Myron Conan Dyal and painter Christopher Ulrich discussed their art, creativity, alchemy, religion, and love at La Luz de Jesus, further illuminating both artists’ works; Dyal has shown before at La Luz, and Ulrich’s monumental “The Christ Chronocator Series III: The Reckoning,” the final chapter in Ulrich’s six-year odyssey, the Demoneater Saga, is currently hanging through December 30.

Christopher Ulrich - Artist Bio